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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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C. Costs, Benefits, and Effectiveness (Continued)

program began, a total of 19,317 students and teachers from 50 States, D.C.,
Puerto Rico, and Department of Defense Overseas schools have participated
in the Washington Close Up Program. Students from schools for the hearing
and visually impaired participated on a national basis.

Since 1979, in an effort to reach additional secondary school students and
teachers with citizenship education programs, the Close Up Foundation
has telecast Washington Seminars over Cable TV (C-SPAN). The seminars
included discussions between Washington leaders and high school students,
many of whom were Ellender Fellowship recipients* More than 3,500 secon-
dary schools have access to these programs.

Close Up also publishes written materials including a Teachers Guide to
C-SPAN; Current Issues, a book that examines contemporary questions;
Perspectives, a book of readings on government operations with articles by
leading members of Congress, representatives of the Executive and Judicial
branches and others; The Washington Notebook, a workbook designed to help
prepare students for their Washington experience; and U.S.-Soviet Relations,

Program Effectiveness; Findings of two previous studies were reported last

P., E., and F.

No new information.


No studies of this program are planned or in progress.

Contacts for Further Information:

Program Operations: Kay Henry, (202) 472-7960
Program Effectiveness: Tetsuo Okada, (202) 245-8877


1. In 1983 the Congress appropriated a double amount in order to place the
program on a forward funded basis. The appropriation for 1983 provides
$1.5 million for school year 1982-83 and $1.5 million for school year
1983-84. series of meetings, seminars, and